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Act 1 - Honey Bee Conservancy

10% of all goods from Act 1 are donated to the Honey Bee Conservancy

Our first Act is all about Honey Bees. If their declining population (almost 30% a year) doesn't worry you then fancy these facts:

-Honey Bees pollinate over 1/3 our worlds agriculture 
-The bee die off threatens over 100 commercial crops equivalent to 15 Billion dollars worth of food. Be on the look out for higher prices on your favorite fruits and veggies. 
-If bees do not exist, either do humans


While there are multiple reasons for the declining Honey Bee populations we wanted to focus on the main contributor, Industrial Agriculture. Not only are we creating incredibly unnatural GMO crops but also increasing our use of toxic pesticides to protect these crops. 
A little google research reveals some very disturbing facts around pesticides and the companies in charge of them.

The German pharmaceutical & chemical giant Bayer has recently merged (2017) with the leading USA crop producer Monsanto creating the world’s largest seed and pesticide company to date. 
Monsanto, is the creator of the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup, which has faced mounting controversy and numerous lawsuits in recent years over the health and environmental impacts of its products.

Bayer has also been subject to criticism over its widely used insecticide, imidacloprid, which belongs to a controversial class of chemicals called neonticotinoids that's linked to the widespread death of pollinators.

Together, The Monsanto-Bayer combination is yet another example of the rapidly consolidating agricultural industry, with only a handful of companies controlling the sector. This drastically limits the amount of pesticide options available to farmers and can almost certainly guarantee continued harm for our pollinators. 

Meet Bayer CEO Werner Baumann & Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant.