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The Process

Candles might be the most saturated goods in today's apothecary market. Sure - anyone can melt wax, pour in some fragrance, and call it a candle. I take pride in our process and if you are looking for a cheap fragrant candle then we are simply not the answer.

I believe that a candles aroma should have depth, it should inspire you, heal you, and you should dread when it's on its last breath. To me, our candles embody the essence of what Cannabis strains truly smell like.They are a re-imagination of my favorite strains crafted carefully into a premium home fragrance that is both therapeutic and complex.

Here's how I do it:

Step 1 - Aquire the desired strain.

Step 2 - Deconstruct the strain highlighting its characteristics; how it tastes, how it smells, & how it makes me feel.

Step 3 - I hit the lab reinterpreting the strains aroma using my in-house blends of essential oils & premium natural fragrances. All in all, it takes me roughly a month to finalize any new aroma. 

Step 4 - Infuse our wax with the strains dominant terpenes (sourced from essential oils, plants, fruits)

Step 5 - Pour to order.

*Please note - All of our goods contain legal ingredients and are not sourced from Cannabis.